MaxGrid can offer you an low cost marketing alternative, we know it can be done, as we are doing it!

MaxGrid engage in a true and honest partnership to get the most out of the marketing services provided.

Total overview. Results over time, but with a visible payoff from start. Personal, fast and direct support, 24/7.

Increase your profits in a hard competitive market. Through active marketing & branding, we will make your company stand out.

Everything connects to everything, like a grid network. We can target local or go global, what is your market?

Your personal marketeer, online, offline, hyper or traditional, inbound and outbound, we can stretch sideways too.

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About Us

From the table of the Admin

Hi, and welcome. My name is Tomas, and I'm the founder of MaxGrid. I was born and raised in Nacka archipelago, located east of Sweden's capital Stockholm. As a very young boy, I sold everything from donuts on the street market to Tetra Pak grip-handles to the elderly community. I learn to respect other people, the value of money and business ethics very early in my life.

Have always been fascinated by marketing and sales. And have worked with my own company (since 1996) and done many projects, from an early age. Always eager to learn more in this field, reading a book, watching video online and offline, talking to other marketers, following like-minded on TED, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Do you want to know more, don't be a stranger, just send me a message.

Have a nice day!

Best wishes for your future marketing,

Tomas M Leppänen

Admin & Marketing Entrepreneur, MaxGrid



We hired Tomas and his company to handle our campaigns. He takes care of everything, and everything went as planned. With high success rate. Great support and fast answers. This is exactly what we needed.”

Oskar Berglund

Berglunds Stad & Rormontagegruppen AB

We have always been very pleased with the service and available support. We also recommended the services to other colleagues in our business network all the time.”

Matti Hurtta

MaserCata / Maserholz Ab/Oy

Awesome service, the best. The delivery of hits have been on time every single time. We have been using their service for a long time, and can really recommend it. We started with a small tryout package, now we have a monthly customized campaign that suit our needs perfectly, Thank You!”

Agnes Winqvist

Le Boutique

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MaxGrid is a privately owned
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